Gentoo Penguin
The Gentoo Penguin
Scientific Name Pygoscelis Papua
Height 75-95 cm
Location Antarctica (border coast)
Food Mainly Krill. Also Crustaceans, cephalopods and fish
Number of Hatchlings 2 per breeding season
Incubation Time Between 32 and 34 days
Subspecies Pygoscelis Papua Papua

Pygoscelis Papua Elsworthi

  • The Gentoo Penguin
  • The adult Gentoo Penguin can average 450 dives a day foraging for food

The Gentoo Penguin (pygoscelis papua) is the third largest penguin species, following the King penguin and Emperor penguin. It can weight from 4 to 8 kg. It's height is around 75-95 cm. There are 2 Sub-species of the Gentoo, Pygoscelis Papua Papua and Pygoscelis Papua Elsworthi.


This type of penguins branched off of Emperors about 38 million years ago. Then the first adélie penguin came to the world 19 million years ago, the Gantoo and Chinstrap both originated circa 14 million years ago



It has black main feathers, covering the most of it's body, With a white belly and some white feathers on the head making for a triangle above both eyes, the triangles connected by a white line in the gentoo's head. Also, the beak is orange with a black part in the center


Gentoo Penguin baby


The youngling gentoo is quite similar to the adult, excepting that it has grey feathers instead of black ones, which grow later on.


Antarctic Krill

Food HabitsEdit

As most penguins, the gentoo feeds on crustaceans, cephalopods and fish. The gentoo's most common prey is krill. It tends to hunt near the colony so feeding the chick can be done faster.


Like most antarctic penguins, their common prey are the sea lion, the orca, and many arctic birds, like the skuas, who prey on their eggs.

Courting HabitsEdit

The gentoo penguin doesn't have a complicated Courtship.

Gentoo penguin making a courting call

They shout a mating call, raising their head. When another penguin of the opposite gender answers, they meet. When they meet, they shout a mating call while rubbing their necks together. Then they procceed to breeding

Egg careEdit

The eggs are laid in batches of 2, Which hatch in around 34 days. The egg warming duties are shared by the couple.

Raising the babyEdit

The baby Gentoos stay in the nest for around 4 weeks so that their mesoptite plummage is able to grow. Also in this, The couple feeds the baby alterning duties, his mom feeds him a day, then the next his dad does, and so on

Fun factsEdit

  • These penguins are also called Papua Penguins
  • They appear in the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • They can dive 200 Meters deep


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