Northern Rockhopper Penguin
A happy northern rockhopper

Scientific Name

Eudyptes Moseleyi


52 cm


Tristan da Cunha, Gough Island, Inaccesible Island, (Not recorded lately are the following) Amsterdam Island, St Paul Island.


Krill, Fish and Squid

Number of Hatchlings

2. The first almost never survives

Incubation Time

2-3 weeks


None. It is a subspecies of Rockhopper penguin though

The Northern Rockhopper Penguin (Eudyptes Moseleyi) is one of the three sub-species of Rockhopper penguins. They Have a different crest and voice than other Rockhoppers. It the longest crest of the three. It can be recognized because the other two sub-species are slightly smaller, and have a shorter and spikier crest. The northern rockhopper's crest surrounds the eye, almost looking like an eyebrow


Scientific OriginEdit

This penguin's origin is unknown as itself, but it was discovered that it is a separate species from the Southern Rockhopper on 2006, because the penguins had different voices and genetical differences



The adult Northern Rockhopper has a height of 52 cm, and a weight of around 3 kg. They have an inner flipper design made up of black and white, and the outside of the flipper is plain black. They have A long crest on each side of the head, which looks slightly like if they were eyebrows. They have red eyes.


The chick is Very small, looking like an adult, but slightly rounder, and crestless

Food HabitsEdit

As well as most penguins, the northern rockhopper's diet is composed of Krill, squid, and fish, with some other crustaceans and cephalopods.


As most penguins, It is hunted by Leopard Seals, Orcas, and ocassionaly sharks, and the eggs are hunted upon by Skuas and Petrels.

Courtship and breedingEdit

Courtship includes bowing, and exastic display, in which the Male reaches their head up and gives a series of cries while shaking their head from side to side. They then procceed to mutual display, in which both penguins start making synchronized movements.

Egg CareEdit

The duties are shared by the parents. During the 2-3 week incubation time, The male goes on a foraging trip of around 9-15 days, and then the female goes for about 2 weeks.

Raising The BabyEdit

The baby is usually raised by their father. They usually stay in their parent's feet for their first 2-3 weeks, but they grow very quickly too big to fit in the parents pouch. Then they are looked after by their parents until they are old enough to breed

Fun factsEdit

  • In popular kid game Club Penguin, There is a pirate called Rockhopper. He is the only Rockhopper penguin in the game.
  • Cody Maverick From animated movie Surf's Up belongs to this genus. He is a Southern Rockhopper Penguin
  • Lovelace from movie Happy Feet is of the genus
    • A Northern Rockhopper Penguin colony
    • Northern Rockhopper Penguins doing random stuff
    • A Northern Rockhopper Penguin
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    • A Northern Rockhopper Penguin
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    • Northern Rockhopper Penguin chicks
    • A Northern Rockhopper Penguin chick

More PicturesEdit

This are pictures of a Northern Rockhopper Colony as of it's everyday life


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